Department on Aging to hold public meeting on CRP

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND)- The public will get a chance to hear from the Illinois Department on Aging about the controversial Community Reinvestment Program.

The meeting is being held on Monday, May 15 at the Howlett Building auditorium from 1-3 pm. An additional meeting is being held about proposed changes to the current Community Care Program in the Howlett Building auditorium on May 15, from 9-11 am.

There has been outcry since the Department of Aging announced the move to the Community Reinvestment Program (CRP) for seniors who are not on Medicaid.

Currently, the Community Care Program provides in home care for all seniors regardless if they are on Medicaid or not. The program allows seniors to stay in their own homes while receiving help with things like health monitoring and personal care, among a variety of other things. Many opponents of this change say moving the around 40,000 non-Medicaid seniors currently in the program to the new CRP will diminish the care that is provided. The Department on Aging contends the same level of care will be provided on the new program, as the current.

“The same care coordinators that are in the homes today, developing care plans, developing service levels for seniors are going to be doing that through this new program. So they are going to see the same friendly faces, and they are going to work through this other menu of resources for them. As I mentioned in the hearing, it will be more tools in their tool belt to really address the seniors needs.” said Jennifer Reif, Deputy Director of the Illinois Department on Aging.

The Howlett Building is located at the corner of 2nd and Edwards streets.