At what age do you consider someone a senior?

At Senior Services Associates, we consider anyone 60 years or better a senior. Some business in the communities we serve, will give individuals over 55 a ‘senior citizen discount’.

What counties do you serve?

We provide information and assistance and initiate services for seniors who live in Kane, Kendall and McHenry Counties in an effort to improve their quality of life. If you live outside of these counties we would be glad to direct you to your local Area Agency on Aging. Please call us at (800) 339-3200.

Do I have to meet financial limits to qualify for services?

We provide information and many services to all seniors regardless of income. Some assistance programs available through federal, state, county, townships or cities do impose income guidelines to qualify for benefits. Many of the activities we offer are free, and some require a small fee to cover our costs.

Do I have to pay to get help from Senior Services Associates?

There are no fees for most of our services. There is no fee when you call any of our offices and speak to our trained Information & Assistance specialists who will either answer your questions and refer you to other resources you might need. If a senior needs non-medical assistance in their home, one of our certified Case Managers will visit the home at no charge, to assess their needs and initiate services where appropriate. If the senior qualifies, the in-home services can be free and if the senior is over the income or asset guidelines, we will offer a list of vendors who provide services for a fee. There are fees for some of our activities and events. Though many of our services are free, we do offer the opportunity to our clients to make a donation at a level that is comfortable for them.

How much does it cost to receive meals at home?

The average actual cost of delivering the meal is about $8.00. A suggested donation of about $3.50 is requested, but no one is turned away due to an inability to contribute. Learn more about our Home Delivered Meals program, view our Assessment & Care Coordination page, or to request home delivered meals, visit our Contact Us page.

Can you help me find senior housing or nursing homes?

Yes, our knowledgeable staff can help seniors and their caregivers find comfortable senior facilities including affordable housing, assisted or supportive living facilities and nursing homes in Kane, Kendall and McHenry Counties. For more information on housing options,visit our ‘Information and Assistance‘ page. To find one of our offices near you, please view our Locations page.

Can you help me with transportation?

Yes! We are dedicated to helping seniors with transportation needs. Depending on where you live, there are a variety of ways we can help. Some programs utilize our dedicated volunteers and some require a small fee. Visit our Transportation Programs for more information. If you’re interested in volunteering to provide transportation please visit our Volunteer page.

We’re worried about an elderly neighbor who lives alone. Is there anyone who can visit them?

Yes, we have several programs that can improve the lives of isolated seniors. Our trained staff will contact the senior to assess their needs. If appropriate, we will work to match them with a carefully screened friendly visitor or companion. We will also see if there are any other services the senior may need to improve the quality of their life. Volunteers often help around the home or just spend time reminiscing with the senior. Visit our Friendly Visiting Program page if you are thinking of volunteering your time to assist in the program.

Can you help me with Medicare issues?

Yes we certainly can. Each of our offices has Medicare trained staff that can answer your questions, help you with enrollment issues and much more. Please contact us for a list of our offices and their contact information.

I’m struggling to pay my property taxes, what can I do?

Depending on your household income and your age, there are several options including: Senior Property Tax Exemption, Senior Tax Assessment Freeze, Tax Deferral Program or Reverse Mortgages. Contact your local office and one of our trained Information and Assistance staff can help you minimize your tax bills. To find one of our offices near you, please view our Locations page.

Senior Services really helped my parents before they died. Can I make a donation in their memory?

We are glad we were able to be of service to your parents in their time of need. Senior Services is grateful for all donations we receive as they help us continue to assist seniors and their caregivers so they can have the best quality of life possible. To donate, please download our Memorial Donation Form.